Our Approach

Our approach hinges on identifying managers and strategies that are well positioned to deliver attractive, long-term capital gains. Beyond high quality, established and proven firms, this often includes commitments to differentiated, contrarian and promising emerging managers in unique verticals identified by Rho.

Given our deep history in venture capital, we emphasize fund managers who focus on adding value post-investment. Some excel through deep domain or operational expertise, and others through specialization in high-performance sectors.

Success in private equity, and venture capital in particular, depends on an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, combined with the application of forward-looking research and critical thinking. As a result, identifying the next generation of leading funds is an important component of our investment strategy and investment success. RFI has a notable history of achievement in anchoring, establishing and committing to new fund managers that generate significant early success and grow to become highly sought-after funds.

Our selection criteria are clear and critical – performance, people, process, strategy and alignment of interest.